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La carte des vins est complétée par quelques vins sélectionnés spécialement et renouvelés  fréquement

"An intimate and typical enclave to experience the spell of the Indian cooking. The bengladeshi owner and chef initiates you into his patrimony of tastes and fragrances in a simple and calling interior: lam-tikka, chicken-tandori, baryani-shrimps, aloo palak, massala gambas, in a wide range of receipes. Rather soft prices."

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dans le guide du Petit Futé   "Seine et Marne 2011"

"Simply unexpected ! this restaurant just a few steps from the market place, led by Abu-Naim Mirdha, owner and chef, and by his wife Nilufer. First the place: a side-street in the center, and then the modest frontage, with an air of a plain eating-house. But never mind, and push the door. There you will find an excellent typical indian cooking served by the smiling house-mistress. It will transport you far away to the remote part of India she is coming from: Bengal.

A few ideas picked in the menu: onion-, eggplant- or brusselsprouts-fritters are most appetizing hors-d’oeuvres, and in the wide range of main dishes even vegetarians will find their treat: lamm meat in a wide-range of receipes, always with curry accommodation of course, the same for chicken and gambas. A large choice of desserts all the same: the kulfi (chocolate cake) is delicious so as the gulab jamun, and of course a wide range of ice-creams and sherbets. A very good address. Reservation is recommended for the place is assaulted by connoisseurs and regular customers."

et dans le guide du Petit Futé  "Ile de France. Paris et environs" 2011


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